how do you come up with all your crazy flavours?

Marcus is a pretty crazy guy and VERY passionate about ice cream! We are constantly trying out new ingredients and testing fun, unexpected flavours - it usually turns out awesome! That being said, we have had some major fails too...rosemary ice cream that tasted like a Douglas Fir, Cheddar Cheese ice cream, the list goes on.


We realize that our lines can get really long and never ask that you wait if you are only looking to pick up ice cream from our takeaway go ahead, skip that line!

What are your most popular flavours?

Hands down the Lemon Curd Blueberry, then our Whisky Hazelnut Praline.

Do you offer any dairy free ice creams?

We always have a couple of vegan flavours ready to scoop! Check out our current flavours (updated regularly).

Do you still sell Macarons?

Although MBM started out by making macarons we no longer sell them.

Will There be soft serve at Hillhurst?

Our soft serve is exclusive to our 17th Ave location, BUT you can enjoy DOUBLE the amount of ice cream flavours at our Hillhurst storefront.