After several years of working some of New York and Vancouver’s most renown kitchens, Marcus found that the type of work he thought he always wanted, wasn’t as satisfying as he had hoped.
He wanting to do something different; he wanted to create something truly made by Marcus.
It was that dream that led him to a small Vancouver kitchen, in the basement of a friend’s
sausage factory, during the overnight hours between closing time and the next day’s open,
working on perfecting the art of baking macarons; an egg-whites-based recipe he had
discovered a few years back that presented a new and intriguing challenge.

Fast forward a few years and Marcus and his wife relocated to Calgary. Marcus was still
struggling to find space in shared kitchens to bake his (now perfected) macarons — only now he had found a purpose for the discarded egg yolks he wasn’t using in his macarons recipe: ice cream.
Equipped with a small Italian gelato machine, and working out of a basement kitchen on 17th
Ave, Marcus began to make a name for himself as the architect of delicious treats, but it was his made-from-scratch ice cream that got people really excited.

Marcus knew that the only way to make his small-batch recipes into a viable business would be
to increase production significantly, and for that he would need his own space, the very best
equipment and a menu that would quickly separate his offerings from the pack.

Today, Made by Marcus is still operating out of a 17th Ave kitchen, but this time it’s one with all
the space, equipment and innovation he’d always dreamed of having. From here, Marcus’ loyal
team proudly supplies two locations as the only ice cream shop in town that makes their products from scratch. No mixes or artificial flavours — and no shortcuts!
The result is ice cream that only uses ingredients you can pronounce, for a flavour sensation
that’s difficult to put into words.